CAC's marketing strategy is to reposition itself from an excellent manufacturer to a major supplier. This involves focusing on high-end market and core products, carrying out strategical cooperation with industry leaders, providing customers with innovative products and business models through integrating R&D capabilities, and enhancing customer competitiveness and market status via system-wide value-added services.

1. Competing in the global high-end market and extending its global presence

As a chemical company, high-quality and competitive green manufacturing has always been CAC’s mission, while environmental protection and sustainable development has always been an important corporate legacy. Therefore, not only are its products sold in most countries in the world, its commitment to good quality, environmental protection and a stable supply chain is also well recognized by customers in the high-end market. This provides CAC with the solid market foundation to extend its global network.

2. Fostering long-term cooperation with industry leaders to spur innovation in products and business models

Over the years, long-term cooperation with global industry leaders has not only improved CAC's capability to serve the international market, but also helped it to build strong trust with its customers and partners. Furthermore, with the efforts of CAC's overseas team and success of previous global collaborations, cooperation with key customers is no longer just in the short-term, or in a single business line, but more in the mid to long-term, and with emphasis on product portfolio development and innovative cooperation throughout the value chain

3. Seize market opportunities to strategize product development

From discovering new compounds, developing key intermediates, making breakthroughs in synthesis technology, to developing formulas and planning biocide efficacy testing, CAC has established a first-class team in China supported by international professional consultants, thus systemically enhancing R&D capacity. In addition, the cooperation of its overseas team with industry leaders and customers allows R&D to be more market-oriented and helps it to stay ahead of competitors in terms of product planning.

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